Arunabh Satpathy
Lead FiRe Event Blogger and Blog Manager, Future in Review 2016

Arunabh Satpathy is a master's student at the Information School at the University of Washington. He was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and attended NALSAR University of Law for two-and-a-half years before moving to the United States to complete an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at the UW. In addition, he finished an Entrepreneurship minor at the Foster School of Business, where he co-founded a beverage container company called DubsCup. He is currently a staff writer for The Daily of the University of Washington, where he has previously been science editor. He also wrote a column called "The Futurist," discussing currently experimental technologies and ideas and their social, political, and philosophical impact.

Actively involved on campus at the University of Washington, Arunabh was previously vice president of Public Relations at the UW Toastmasters Club and chief advertising officer at DubsTech, an organization he co-founded. He has also published poetry and prose in Bricolage Literary and Visual Arts Journal.

Arunabh's work experience has so far focused on research, marketing, and content production for Seattle-based startups Scout and LiveStories, political campaigning for a Seattle City Council District 5 candidate, and working for indie label Spoot Music, among others.

Arunabh spends his spare time playing bass, singing, writing, reading, and failing to maintain a regular workout schedule. He hopes to somehow be involved in bringing about a protopian future for humanity as a whole. Good conversations are his oxygen.

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