The ongoing “fixing healthcare” discussion at FiRe is focused on the question of how to repair a broken business model, generally seeking ways to bring providers and patients back into primary contact. This area also includes new innovations in healthcare solutions, from the Quantified Self to the new SNS field of Nutritional Microanalysis.



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Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Caitlin Cameron

    Chair and CEO, OtoNexus Medical Technologies Inc.

  • Louis A. “Chip” Weil

    Member, Board of Governors, USO; and Chairman, President, and CEO (Ret.), Central Newspapers Inc.

  • Philippa Lewis

    CEO and Executive Director, Simavita

  • Michelle Longmire

    Founder, Medable

  • Benjamin Smarr

    National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

  • Bernard Rudnick

    Chief Financial Officer and Board Director, Atrin Pharmaceuticals

  • Glenn Snyder

    Principal, US Med Tech Segment Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Larry Smarr

    Founding Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2; a UC San Diego / UC Irvine partnership)

  • Garri Jones

    Founding Partner, Circle; Director, Health Capital; and Director, Educate School Services (U.K.)

  • Fred Lee

    Director of Clinical & Translational Informatics, Oracle Health Sciences; and Fellow, P4 Medicine Institute

  • Leah Boyer

    Director, Stem Cell Core Laboratory, Salk Institute

  • Bill Hearl

    Founder, CEO, and Board Director, Immunomic Therapeutics Inc.

  • Nancy Stagliano

    CEO and Co-Founder,
    True North Therapeutics Inc.

  • Corinna Lathan

    Founder and CEO, AnthroTronix Inc.

  • Vicki Lyons

    Publisher and Chairman, What Doctors Know

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