Pure Science

Pure Science

FiRe’s Pure Science channel focuses on research by members of the FiRe community into pure science, including physics, climatology, space and ocean exploration, evolutionary theory, ethnology, and more.



Topics in This Focus Channel

Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Leah Boyer

    Director, Stem Cell Core Laboratory, Salk Institute

  • Patti Grace Smith

    Aerospace Consultant, Patti Grace Smith Consulting LLC

  • Ross Whitaker

    Director, School of Computing; and Professor, SCI Institute; University of Utah

  • Christopher Clark

    Imogene Johnson Senior Scientist, Cornell University; and Senior Advisor, Planet OS

  • Shane Wall

    CTO, Hewlett-Packard

  • Bob Bishop

    Founder and President, ICES Foundation

  • Elena Polyakova

    CEO, Graphene Labs; and COO, Graphene 3D Lab

  • Bei Wang Phillips

    Assistant Professor, School of Computing; and Faculty Member, SCI Institute, University of Utah

  • John Cramer

    Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Washington; and Science Fiction Author

  • Matthew Klipstein

    CEO, NeuroRepair Inc

  • Ramez Naam

    Author; Computer Scientist; and Energy & Environmental Systems Faculty, Singularity University

  • James Brown

    Dept. Head, Molecular Ecosystems Biology, and Chair, Environmental Bioinformatics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Kevin Montgomery

    CEO, Collaborate.org

  • Roger Payne

    Founder / President, Ocean Alliance

  • John Seely Brown

    Independent Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge; , and Visiting Scholar, USC

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