“The best technology conference in the world.” – The Economist
FiRe 2018


The Future in Review® (FiRe) is an intimate meeting of experts on critical global topics. From economics to policy, cloud computing to biology, advanced medicine to artificial intelligence, space travel, and more, no conference offers a more accurate view of technology, now and looking forward. No conference provides the intellectual engagement, challenges, and actionable results found at FiRe.


FiRe isn’t just a conference, it’s a place of action.


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Where and when?
The 16th annual FiRe Conference will be held in an intimate setting on October 9–12, 2018, at the Stein Eriksen Deer Valley lodge in Park City, Utah.
What makes FiRe unique?
No other conference offers participants a more accurate view of the technology industry in the next 3-5 years. And no other conference provides the intellectual engagement and challenge you will find at FiRe, in a beautiful environment, meeting with the world leaders who are building that future.
In place of canned PowerPoint speeches, FiRe consists entirely of focused conversations on subjects affecting the near- and mid-term future. The objective is to leverage great minds and the creative process through discussion. New initiatives, relationships and companies have been formed from FiRe.
Focus for 2018

Moon City • World Interrupted: The Cyber Infrastructure Threat • Pattern Computing Unveiling • On the Front Lines: The Fight for Taiwan • SSL/Quantum: Computing and Encryption • Monitoring the Earth’s Energy Systems • Gene Editing and Medicine• Protecting Your Brand Against Information Warfare • Tariffs and the Trade War• The Scandinavian Model • The FiRe CTO Challenge: Zoolingua • Drones and Air Taxis • Blockchain Now: How A New Technology is Already Changing the World • FiReFilms’ “Featured Film of the Year” The Human Element • Art of the IPO: Don’t Foul This Up • Biomimicry in Robotics • Ocean Health • A&I in the Cloud • The Future Patient • Ukraine a Model for Change • Who’s on Top in AI • The Electric Revolution: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles • 3D Printing Industrial Materials • How To Adapt to A World Of Climate Change
Who should attend?

Top officers and technology leaders of world-class technology-driven companies and global investors and policymakers. Many participants are also speakers. Early registration increases the chance that we will ask you to participate in the program.
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If you have any questions, please contact the SNS Programs Director, Sharon/”SAM”, at sam@stratnews.com.