John G. Cramer
Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Washington; and Science Fiction Author

John G. Cramer is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Washington in Seattle. Although he formally retired in January 2010, he will continue teaching part-time and continue his usual physics research in ultra-relativistic heavy ion physics, participating in the STAR experiment at the RHIC facility of Brookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island, NY). He is also currently working on a popular-level book about the transactional interpretation of QM, as well as a third "hard" science fiction novel.

John is an experimental physicist. He has published over 200 physics research papers in peer-reviewed physics journals. John approaches theoretical physics from an experimentalist viewpoint, writing physics papers on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Bose-Einstein Interferometry, etc. He is known as the originator of the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, which he considers to be a superior alternative to the orthodox Copenhagen Interpretation. See

John is actively pursuing a UW-based experiment in quantum optics that tests for the possibility that quantum nonlocality can be used for communication. He has received considerable media attention for the "time travel" aspects of this work. This experiment, if successful, would imply that entanglement can be used to send a superluminal signal between two distant locations (or backwards in time from the apparatus to itself).

John writes "hard" SF and is the author of two novels: Twistor (William Morrow, March 1989; AvoNova, November 1991/June 1997) and Einstein's Bridge (Avon, June 1997; Avon Eos, May 1998). John is also a science writer, and writes the bimonthly science-fact column "The Alternate View" for Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. He has written over 150 columns, available on the web at

John was born and grew up in Houston, Texas. He was educated at Rice University in Houston (Ph.D., 1961). John and his wife, Pauline, have three children and six grandchildren. Their daughter Kathryn Cramer Hartwell is a writer, critic, and SF/fantasy editor/anthologist. John and Pauline have three Shetland sheepdogs, and John and his dogs compete in AKC agility trials.

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