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Clark Easter
Co-Founder and CEO, Trifecta Global Infrastructure Solutions, Ltd.

Clark Easter has been a leader in software and online businesses since 1989, founding several companies in the online data, health, and educational areas. In 2007, he co-founded Trifecta, and is both the lead investor and the CEO for the company.

Prior to Trifecta, Clark was the founder and CEO of Spectrum K12 School Solutions Inc. (formerly 4GL School Solutions Inc.). He designed the first enterprise software application in the U.S. that could track individualized educational paths for thousands of children simultaneously, managing all of their interdependent timelines, as well as all of the associated paperwork and embedded legal requirements. He received several patents for this work. Clark raised two rounds of venture capital for 4GL, and the company grew from a startup to over $50 million in valuation by the time his active involvement with the company ended in 2004. In 2003, Clark was recognized for his accomplishments as the founder and CEO of 4GL School Solutions by being named a finalist from the state of Maryland for the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. He also won a National Technology in Education Award from Microsoft in 2000 for his work at 4GL.

Starting in 1999, Clark performed significant leading-edge software development work in the disease management field, working with doctors and researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical School and with various disease management companies. Much of his work involved process-driven innovations derived from his work with the Special Education market. In 2002, he financially backed an emerging diabetes management company, XLHealth, and put in place and oversaw the development team that successfully rewrote the company's inadequate disease management software platform. XLHealth was subsequently able to successfully expand using that platform; it now delivers over $500 million of medical services yearly and is the second-largest provider of chronic condition special needs plans within the Medicare Advantage industry.

In 1989, Clark became a pioneer in the online access, pre-Internet world as a founder and president of ABACIS Inc., the company that first developed a Unix database to link, via overnight matching, buyers and sellers of rare and out-of-print books as well as scientific and medical journals. ABACIS ultimately morphed into Alibris, the dominant online vendor for rare and out-of-print books.

Clark holds a 1973 BA degree from Harvard University in Cultural Anthropology and an MA from the University of Santa Monica in Applied Psychology.