Jeffrey Rodman
Co-Founder; and CTO, Voice Communications, Polycom Inc.

Jeffrey Rodman has been at the forefront of audio and video communications for most of his career. Jeffrey co-founded Polycom in 1990 and has been instrumental in the realization of Polycom's iconic products for voice, video, network communications, and other media. He is CTO of Polycom's Voice Communications division.

In 1984, Jeffrey was recruited to build a hardware engineering organization and implement a revolutionary architecture for the new startup PictureTel (then PicTel), building the foundation for a family of systems that transformed the industry, and continued as director of hardware development through PictureTel's formative years. In 1980, Jeffrey joined Harris Video Systems, where he became director of engineering, pioneering new digital video processing systems for broadcast and production applications. He also spent six years developing and enhancing video and test capabilities for military guided missile systems for Hughes Aircraft Co. During this time, Jeffrey created a novel approach to sound synthesis that formed the foundation for his master's thesis, and co-founded Specialty Video Systems to market digital video effects to the entertainment industry.

Drawing from this diverse experience, and from his background as virtuoso pianist and composer, Jeffrey has developed a keen appreciation for the importance of clear, reliable vision and sound in human interaction, and the ways in which delivery of transparency in perception can be delivered in remote conferencing. He sees the industry move toward IP telephony and media as an epochal change in the nature of personal remote communications, one that presages dramatic enhancements in sound quality, reliability, and richness of features. Jeffrey has spoken and presented at numerous forums, and is delighted to be a continuing part of Polycom, where he is a strong champion of technologies and products that bring the best and clearest quality to users around the world.

Jeffrey holds a BSEE Cum Laude in Electronic Engineering from CSUN.

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