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Marc Tremblay
Distinguished Engineer, SiArch Team, Microsoft

Marc Tremblay is a Distinguished Engineer in the Strategic Software/Silicon Architectures (SiArch) team. In that capacity, his role is to identify and oversee the SiArch cross-company technical task forces and to influence Microsoft's strategic roadmap with respect to advances in semiconductor technologies.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Marc was at Sun Microsystems, where he was a Fellow, SVP, and CTO for Sun's Microelectronics Group. In his role at Sun, Marc set future directions for the processors and systems roadmap. His mission was to move the entire product line to the Throughput Computing paradigm, incorporating techniques he helped develop over the years; these included multicores, multithreading, speculative multithreading, scout threading, and transactional memory. These techniques appear in his 163 issued U.S. patents, most of them embedded in products.

Throughout his career, Marc has focused on optimizing the entire stack, from applications to silicon, blurring interfaces between layers. A recent example was the first hardware implementation of Transactional Memory, which required novel system software (OS, VM, compiler, libraries) in order to reach its full potential.

Marc earned an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA and a B.S. in Physics Engineering from Laval University, Canada. His favorite activities are practicing sports (skiing, hockey, baseball, etc.) with his wife and two boys.