Donald Pickering
CEO, OneOcean Corp.

Don Pickering, OneOcean's president and CEO, has been a longtime pioneer in the technology community. Specifically, his core expertise lies in applying emerging Internet technology and innovative business processes to transform and streamline large, antiquated industries. Prior to founding OneOcean, Don architected some of the industry's most successful companies, including early Internet pioneer Cosmix (acquired by USWeb in 1997), online outdoor retailer, and multivariate optimization company Widemile (acquired by Webtrends in 2009).

With OneOcean, Don has the opportunity to return his attention to one of his first loves - the Ocean. This new endeavor finds him merging his experience in the field of Internet technology with a lifelong fascination with the Ocean that began during his childhood growing up on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington State. As CEO of OneOcean, he now leads the development and implementation of new technologies that are transforming how governments, scientists, and industry leverage and utilize marine data for optimal yet sustainable use of the Ocean.

Don is a current member of the X-Prize design committee for a $10 million James Cook award for ocean exploration. He has previously been active in technology and entrepreneurial policy, having served on the board of the Washington State Technology Alliance from 1996 to 2006. He was also twice co-chair of the Economic Opportunity Taskforce, which developed the economic policy agenda for Seattle Mayor Nickels in 2002 and 2006.

Don lives in Seattle and is a loving father to his two children, Axa and Isabel. He is an accomplished racecar driver, most recently driving the 2nd-place Starbucks car in the 2009 American LeMans Series Championships. He is also an avid skier, motorcycle adventurer, and river rafter.

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