Frank Scavo
President, Computer Economics

Frank Scavo is president of Computer Economics, an IT research firm and publisher of metrics for IT financial management. Founded in 1979, Computer Economics provides syndicated research to major end-user IT organizations as well as large consulting firms worldwide that use its publications in their service delivery.

Frank authors or co-authors many of the firm's reports on IT spending and staffing benchmarks, current trends in technology adoption and customer experience, and IT management best practices. He is quoted frequently in the business and technical press on these subjects. Frank is a frequent speaker to professional societies such as the IT Financial Management Association, the Manufacturers Alliance, the National Association of Purchasing Managers, AICPA, and various technology vendor conferences.

Frank was one of the first tech bloggers, beginning in 2002 when he began blogging as The Enterprise System Spectator, with commentary on issues and trends in enterprise software ( In addition to his leadership role at Computer Economics, he is also the owner and president of Strativa Inc. (, a management consulting firm that he co-founded in 2000.

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