Linda Galindo
Accountability Author, Speaker, and Consultant, Galindo Consulting

Consultant, author, speaker, and educator Linda Galindo teaches leaders how to bring accountability into their organizations to significantly improve performance. Linda inspires leaders to empower themselves, and those who follow them, to speak the truth, focus on what matters, and be fully accountable for the results they produce.

Linda specializes in working in healthcare and government - bringing the principles of accountability to organizations where it is truly needed " at the leadership level. She also consults to clients in a variety of verticals, including energy, financial, medical devices, transportation, insurance, and the arts. Her clients include the Park City Municipal Corp., Intermountain Health Care, the Sundance Institute, Abbott, MountainStar Healthcare, Umpqua Bank, and Calstar.

The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success- No Nonsense, No Excuses is Linda's "accountability primer." The book offers a reframed approach to accountability - inviting everyone to understand that to be effective as a leader there has to be personal accountability. Leaders shift their internal voice from one of victim to one of total owner, whether results are good or bad, and expect their followers to do the same. Linda says, "Leaders - and ultimately their followers - internalize 'it starts with me.' At that point, an honest conversation about success can begin."

Linda is also the author of Way to Grow! Cultivating the Weeds, Daisies and Orchids in Your Organization, and her most recent book, Where Winners Live - Sell More, Earn More, Achieve More Through Personal Accountability (Wiley, 2012).

Linda has written over 100 articles on the topic of accountability and actively blogs The Straight Truth on her website:

Linda speaks nationally on the topics of accountable leadership and creating the culture change to bring about an accountable organization. She serves as faculty for the Governance Institute (serving boards of directors and C-suite healthcare executives) and the Institute of Management Studies. She speaks to leadership conferences nationally. She is a past board member for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Center for Public Trust.

A former radio news personality, Linda made the shift to consulting, speaking, and writing about accountability 20 years ago after noticing that news stories were about people, especially leaders in business and government, who were not accountable.

Rather than talking about accountability after the fact - often when it was already too late to make an impact - she has made it her life's work to bring accountability proactively into organizations at the leadership level where it is really needed. The business case to do so is compelling.

Linda lives in Park City, Utah, with her husband and two daughters. She is originally from San Francisco.

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