Bruce Stedman
Executive Director, Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance

The executive director of Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance, Bruce Stedman has 33 years of experience in ocean health, whale conservation, toxic waste management, and nuclear weapons abolition. He was the first curator of The Whale Museum - the first museum devoted to the living whale - in Friday Harbor, Washington; an environmental mediator for 15 years; manager of the $6.25 million Citizens' Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund; and executive director of the Marine Fish Conservation Network.

As an executive, fundraiser, advocate, and mediator, Bruce has worked with community groups, non-governmental organizations, private companies, Native American governments, and public agencies. He has worked with senior officials, leaders, and executives throughout the US and in 11 other countries. Trained at MIT, he has directed five other organizations and taught environmental policy courses at Harvard, Tufts, and Western Washington universities.

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