Ragnar Kruse
Co-Founder and CEO, Smaato

Ragnar is the CEO and Co- Founder of Smaato, the Leading Global Mobile Advertising Optimization Platform and Real Time Bidding Exchange.

Smaato's world headquarter is in San Francisco. Other offices are in New York, London, Montreal, Hamburg, Singapore, Mumbai and Jakarta. As an industry pioneer and leader, Smaato provides Ads for Apps, operates the leading RTB ad exchange and mobile ad optimization platform that delivers 70 billion + ads monthly to more than 70,000 app developers and publishers that use Smaato to monetize their content in 230 countries.

As a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in IT, Ragnar Kruse understands the unique opportunities and challenges in bringing new technologies to international markets. He has built up several successful companies from inception to market launch and IPO in both the US and Europe.

At Intershop Communications, a leader in E-Commerce software solutions, Ragnar was VP of Sales and Marketing based in San Francisco. During his tenure, Ragnar was instrumental in the company's growth and ushering it through a successful IPO on NASDAQ and the "Neuer Markt" in 1998. Ragnar held key management positions at high-tech companies in the U.S. and Europe including eCharge (online payment provider) and Xtramind (artificial intelligence and language technology). Through his many years in IT, Ragnar maintains strong relationships with companies in the online, telecommunications and mobile sectors.

Ragnar started his career as a successful entrepreneur. In 1980, he founded IPT GmbH, a computer retail business that imported products into Germany from the USA and Asia. In 1987 he expanded his business by starting DTP Partner GmbH, one of the largest distribution companies in Germany with exclusivity for several products from the US and Asia. He also founded the DTP Academy, which owned and managed 11 state of the art computer training centers throughout Germany.

Ragnar studied law at the Universities of Munich and Hamburg, Germany.

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