James Barfield
Senior Innovator, Verizon Telematics

James Barfield is currently working in a strategy group that focuses on strategy and innovation in the telematics, mobile health, big data, vehicle data analytics, and future connected technology spaces as it relates to Verizon Telematics. He is responsible for idea generation for roadmap progression, additions to current technologies, new business cases, new ventures, and proof of concepts to direct the future of the company. James has filed more than 20 patents and has a particular interest in startup ventures.

In his role, James is responsible for all stages of algorithm development, from the initial creation of intellectual property to the release of the algorithms for fall detection, pedometer, activity monitoring, automotive crash, and other real-time algorithms in mobile health and wearable and automotive devices. He has created and proved concepts and simulations using MATLAB, C, and C# with knowledge of machine learning, algorithm design, and DSP techniques. He has designed multiple algorithms for real-time processing and implemented in C on devices.

James has also worked in the medical device industries relating to both class II and class III medical devices. He has filed multiple applications for patents relating to biomedical and mobile health inventions and has taken multiple courses in electrophysiology and others in biomedical instrumentation, information processing in neural systems, and medical imaging systems.

Previously, James was a graduate teaching assistant for op-amp design and circuits lab. Courses completed in op-amp design, electroacoustics, analog electronics, analog integrated System design, low-noise electronic design, integrated optics, and systems and controls.

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