Wendy Pabich
President, Water Futures

Wendy J. Pabich, Ph.D. (www.waterdeva.com), is an environmental scientist, educator, adventurer, and artist obsessed with all things water. As the founder and president of Water Futures Inc., Wendy works with businesses, government, and communities to find innovative solutions to one of the planet's most pressing problems - the quest for sustainable water. Her passion for mountains, outdoor adventure, and other cultures has taken her to places near and far - including Alaska, Patagonia, and the Himalaya - to explore on skis, on foot, and by water. She has taught for MIT and the Sierra Institute and holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Parsons Water Resources Laboratory at MIT, an MS in Urban Studies and Planning from MIT, an MS in Geology from Duke University, and a BA in Geography from Dartmouth College.

Wendy has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed science journals and speaks frequently to diverse audiences on water-related topics. Her first book, Idaho: An Explorer's Guide (The Countryman Press, 2008), was published in the fall of 2009. Wendy is currently working on a large-format film project, Patagonia: Ice to Ocean, which explores the hydrologic cycle of the vast Rio Baker watershed in Patagonia, capturing its raw physical beauty and highlighting impending climate and energy challenges.


Water Futures (www.waterfuturesinc.com) is a progressive, woman-owned consulting venture with decades of experience finding innovative solutions to one of the planet's most pressing problems - the quest for sustainable water. Water Futures provides strategic advice to help businesses navigate water sector plays; municipalities, ranchers, and conservation organizations protect water resources; and socially responsible companies and municipalities reduce their water footprint. Through its consulting services, proprietary analytical tools, training seminars, and case studies, Water Futures also helps communities better position themselves to ensure a sustainable water future.

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