Vern Fotheringham
CEO, Kymeta Corporation

Kymeta chairman, president, and CEO, Vern Fotheringham has been a serial entrepreneur in the broadband wireless and satellite communications industry for over 25 years. He has created and built numerous successful ventures and contributed to large-scale projects for major service providers, system vendors, and software solution suppliers. He has also been a public policy and regulatory advocate for new telecommunications service rules and standards, and an inventor and creator of now globally adopted standards, innovative new products, and services. Previously, Vern was the president and CEO of ADAPTIX Inc., a world leader in the development of the OFDMA technology that is now the core of the Mobile WiMAX and LTE broadband radio systems.

Vern's career highlights include: pioneering the wireless broadband industry as the founder of both advanced Radio Telecom Corp. and WavTrace; direct participation with the international development of the cellular telephone industry in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Bangladesh; and creation and development of the mobile satellite, satellite radio broadcasting, and the direct-to-user broadband satellite industry with the following organizations: Omninet (MSS and RDSS L-Band), OmniTRACS (now Qualcomm Ku-Band mobile data), AMSC (now LihSquared L-Band MSS), NORCOM Networks (now Wireless Matrix L-Band mobile data), Digital Satellite Broadcasting Corp. (S-Band BSS), Pentriad (Q-Band FSS), and IPB Satellite Services (IPStar Ku-Band DTH).

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