Davis Brimer
Founder & CEO, ActiveLife Scientific

Davis Brimer is founder and CEO of Active Life Scientific Inc., an early-stage life science instrumentation company based in Santa Barbara, California. Active Life is developing a suite of life science and medical diagnostic instruments based upon its core technology, Reference Point Indentation (RPI). RPI is the result of research by Paul Hansma, Ph.D., a renowned physicist and inventor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While attending UCSB, Davis and co-founder Alex Proctor initiated collaboration with Dr. Hansma to explore the commercial potential for the technology, resulting in the three founding Active Life in July 2007.

Davis leads the continuous growth of the company and its culture around the shared vision of developing technologies that help foster improved quality of life. He played an integral role in leading Active Life from the concept stage into a reality. His technology and business background make him a dynamic leader of the Active Life team at both a tactical and a strategic level.

The recipient of several awards for his entrepreneurial achievements, Davis is also a co-author of publications related to Active Life's technologies, including the Reference Point Indentation discovery paper. He is a graduate of the University of California - Santa Barbara College of Engineering and Technology Management Program.

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