Adriana LaCorte
Founder, Bellamica Pictures; and Creator / Producer / Director / DP, Sniffing Out Cancer Documentary

Adriana LaCorte has been working her way around and through the entertainment industry since 2005; she has work experience in many facets, starting out her career coordinating on Bunim-Murray's The Simple Life to associate producing early episodes of The Kardashians. She ventured into the independent film world, and then the big leagues working under Jack Rapke at Image Movers, before returning to school at USC to take her love of photography a step further, into cinematography.

Adriana started Bellamica Pictures with the hope of opening peoples' minds through their eyes and hearts with her documentary films. She currently works with the amazing crew on ABC's The Bachelor, among many other reality television shows, in the camera / tech department. She respects and admires all the talented and passionate people she has learned from and worked with and continues to meet and work with. Her passion is to be a filmmaker who educates on important subjects for the betterment of humankind.

Bellamica Pictures' first project, Sniffing Out Cancer, was discovered with the help of Maggie Sealtiel and a little soul searching. Sniffing Out Cancer has been Adriana's passion project and baby since 2013, and she is beyond grateful for the family and friends who have supported her in her dream to make canines detecting cancer common knowledge and hopefully springboard an actual screening process available to the public.

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