Jon Myers
Managing Director, NovaMetallix LLC

Jon Myers has migrated from the canyons of Wall Street to Silicon Valley to the clean-tech arena from 1980 to the present. Along the way, he has founded companies in SaaS analytics, AI, logistics, nanotechnology, and mining, with several successful exits. Jon founded, ran, and has previously presented at FiRe the company Graphene Technologies, which has invented and patented novel methods for producing graphene, an exceptional carbon nano-material, from global-warming gases.

Presently, Jon runs NovaMetallix, a project that will return mine-tailings sites to usable land by profitably harvesting the metals they contain. Jon continues to work with Mark Anderson toward Mark's "Carbon Trifecta" vision in which carbon dioxide will be converted to graphene and, ultimately, products, using Graphene Technologies' patented processes.

FiRe 2016 Speaker
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