Marc Jaffrey
Senior Software Engineer, Coventry Computer

Marc Jaffrey is senior software engineer at Coventry Computer, a startup in stealth mode, where he is responsible for the research and development of the advanced mathematical models and algorithms needed to solve today's big data challenges, finding tomorrow's business innovations. Prior to Coventry, Marc held various roles in academia and corporations, working at infoedge, Predictive Systems, ExxonMobil Exploration, the University of Washington, the University of Southern California, and GE Research and Development Center.

For the past 30 years, Marc has been engaged in financial risk modeling and information analytics, as well as theoretical research in mathematics, physics, and geomorphology. He has developed proven IT risk and strategic capital asset allocation assessment methodologies and decision support models for Fortune 500 companies. Marc has developed industry-based information risk assessment models, directed strategic IT risk-consulting services, and developed the analysis engines for micro-seismic earthquake location software. He has presented numerous talks on a wide variety of topics and written several white papers on IT financial risk and strategic investment assessment methodologies.

Marc has deep expertise in mathematics, computer modeling, and business analysis. His mathematical areas of expertise include integrated information theory, entropy analysis, probability theory, theory of statistics, data mining and analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, perturbation analysis, dynamical systems theory, operator theory, and advanced machine learning. His business expertise includes quantitative business risk analysis, risk decision analysis, strategic investment analysis, project management, and financial accounting analysis and modeling.

Marc is a PhD candidate in Earth and Space Sciences and holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington. He has a PhD and an MA in Mathematics from the University of Albany and graduated with a BS Cum Laude in Physics from Union College, with departmental honors.

Marc is an accomplished lecturer and has authored various white papers, articles, webinars, and blogs. He has drafted and published the following academic research papers:

  • Jaffrey & Hallet, "The influence of climate and topography on glacier erosion rates," in preparation for publication
  • Jaffrey, Lance, & Stessin, "Submodules of the Hardy Space over Polynomial Subalgebras," Pacific Journal of Mathematics, v194 (2000), p373-392
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