Louis Hecht
Principal, AIM LLC

Louis Hecht is a thought leader, business builder, board member, innovator, strategist, consultant, and advisor, looking to work with smart people and exciting opportunities to use his business skills and experience to help imaginative companies grow and achieve their aspirations.

Since 2011, Louis has been assisting businesses in implementing creative ways to monetize ideas and technologies for decision support, with an emphasis on responding to societal hurdles and intersecting realities of changes in domestic and global market economies, stressed-out ecosystems, extreme weather, and demands from consumers and governments to be sustainable.

Louis provides business services in situations where adaptation and retooling business practices are necessary to achieve competitive advantage and place a fine edge on customer support, using constantly improving, widely accepted interoperable information technology, data, and applications.

Prior to 2011, Louis was part of the executive team that built out the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc., and he founded the Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Ltd. He delivered worldwide the vision of geospatial information processing on the web, open technologies, and open data for business and government missions.

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