Rob Shearer
Senior Director of Architecture, Microsoft

Rob Shearer is a senior director of Architecture at Microsoft. He leads several teams of architects responsible for the HoloLens system architecture; silicon SOC architecture across Microsoft devices; and performance / power modeling within these realms.

Rob joined Microsoft in 2012 after spending 15 years at IBM leading technical teams developing  silicon for products ranging from AS/400 and RS/6000 through XBOX 360, and then finally the A2 processor used in Blue Gene/Q.

Rob is a prolific inventor with currently over 130 patents issued. He is a firm believer in breadth of experience across technical, business, and leadership domains as the key enabler for creative problem solving.

Outside of technology, Rob is the co-owner of a CrossFit gym, where he guides clients toward their personal fitness and health goals while balancing their health, work, and family. He calls this earning his MBA the fun and interactive way.

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