Shane Fox
Co-Founder & CEO, LINK3D

Shane Fox is a technology evangelist and entrepreneur specializing in industrial 3D printing. He has been at the forefront of the industrial 3D-printing revolution and has promoted innovative 3D-printing technology in over 35 countries. Shane is currently the co-founder and CEO of LINK3D, an innovative and intuitive technology connecting the engineering community to service bureaus from around the world.

Shane gained expertise and global recognition in the 3D-printing world while becoming a partner for Within Technologies, a London-based 3D-printing software and design consulting firm. Specializing in topological optimization (utilizing micro lattice structures for the industrial 3D-printing space), he helped to create a unique business model and success story. After the organization's acquisition - led by software giant Autodesk - Shane assumed a position leading product and business development for Autodesk's Within Medical division.

With insight into the marketplace and unique experiences, Shane uncovered critical issues slowing the growth in the 3D additive manufacturing industry. He was able to identify the need for a platform that could assist and connect engineers with 3D-printing service providers. The benefits were many: save time, drive quality, create new business relationships in a secure environment, and offer seamless, transparent interaction for the industry. These realizations led Shane to design LINK3D, the solution to these challenges.

LINK3D launched in the second quarter of 2017 as the global, cloud-based platform that connects design engineers to industrial 3D-printing services. LINK3D now has the largest service bureaus and engineering network in the world. The ability to transact business has been changed forever.

Shane received his BS degree from California University and attended the prestigious Washington Center, a national education and co-op program, where he furthered his studies of information technology. Prior to his entrepreneurial focus, he worked for leading companies such as National Strategies Inc. and JCI, developing expertise in global business strategy, emerging industry trends, and product market research.

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