Josh Grooms
Software Engineer, Pattern Computer Inc.

Josh Grooms is a software engineer at Pattern Computer Inc., where he is responsible for developing data visualization systems. Josh has been working in both industry and academia since 2009 and has expertise in a range of subjects, including neurophysiology, signal and image processing, and software development.

Josh began working almost 10 years ago as an intraoperative neuromonitor at NeuroMatrix LLC, helping to prevent neurological deficits in more than 500 surgical procedures across the southeastern United States. He then enrolled in graduate school at Georgia Tech, earning a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering for work investigating relationships between very low-frequency electrical and hemodynamic signals in the brain. While there, he helped author five publications in the field of simultaneous fMRI and EEG analysis and developed a passion for programming software that examines high-dimensional data.

After graduating, Josh returned to industry as a software engineer for EagleView Technologies Inc., architecting and developing a next-generation 3D CAM system that produces highly accurate models of artificial structures using aerial imagery. Today, his interests lie principally in algorithm development and 3D rendering technology.

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