Cori Simmons
FiReFellow and Chief of Staff, Guardians

Cori Simmons works in the information warfare space, working to ensure the preservation of democratic choice in the political, governmental, and corporate worlds. She is passionate about the nonpartisan pursuit of digital security and believes strongly in the need for a global standard for digital human rights.

Cori has previously worked in marketing, public relations, and political communications. She has worked in city and state government and remains actively involved pursuing digital literacy in governance. She is also very involved in and passionate about local civic discourse, working in several projects to bring together community for nonpartisan civic education and discourse in pursuit of less divisive approaches to the exchange of American political ideas.

Cori is currently self-educating in historical network studies and cryptocurrencies as well as the effect an increasingly "online" world will have on how governments function. In her spare time, she is particularly interested in how the field of archaeology can adapt new technologies to accelerate our changing understanding of the historical record.

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