Steve Coy
CEO and CTO, TimeLike Systems

Steve Coy founded TimeLike Systems in 2011. Previously, Steve was co-owner, co-founder, and principal scientist of MZA Associates. While at MZA, Steve led the development of tempus, a general-purpose framework for modeling and simulation, and WaveTrain, a tempus-based tool for modeling advanced optical systems, which has since become a de facto industry standard for high-energy laser systems R&D. (Note: tempus and WaveTrain are trademarks of MZA Associates Corporation.)

TimeLike Systems is currently working to develop new and significantly enhanced versions of both tools, now called TimeLike and LightLike, respectively. It is also working in collaboration with Preminon LLC, a small company specializing in advanced algorithms for machine learning, to extend and enhance TimeLike to make it a robust platform for general-purpose modeling and simulation, model-based engineering, and model-based reasoning. 

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