David Schatsky
Managing Director, Deloitte

David Schatsky brings 30 years of experience in business and technology research, analysis, execution, and innovation to his current role, leading Deloitte's central trend-sensing program. This program has brought commercializable insights to firm leaders and clients on topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the changing roles of CMOs and CIOs. While at Deloitte, David also conceived and produced Deloitte's first massive online open courses (MOOCs) - including being a lead instructor on one course on artificial intelligence - which have so far attracted over 20,000 participants, and has authored or co-authored numerous widely cited articles on the business impact of artificial intelligence.

David has also had experience as an entrepreneur, developing and leading high-performing teams, guiding a global organization through a corporate turnaround, and serving clients in every industry. Prior to Deloitte, he acquired almost 15 years' experience in business and technology research and analysis, including founding a corporate sustainability research and advisory boutique and serving as president of Jupiter Research, a leading digital-business research and advisory firm, until its sale to Forrester Research in 2008.

In seven years as a consultant on Wall Street, David led teams that built trading systems for global financial services firms. Earlier, he held global technical marketing and business development roles in the US and Europe.

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