Meenakshi Venkatasubramanian
Graduate Research Assistant, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Meenakshi Venkatasubramanian's expertise lies in designing, building, and maintaining computational tools in the biomedical domain. She has years of experience developing analytical workflows that are focused toward discovering novel therapeutic targets. She has a strong computational and statistical background, with experience in big data, machine learning, and bioinformatics.

Meenakshi is also a PhD candidate working at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Her dissertation research primarily focused on identifying and understanding prognostic regulators in cancers using NGS (RNA-Seq), Microarray, and Single Cell RNA-Seq datasets. She has developed multiple novel unsupervised learning algorithms to identify patterns in large and sparse biological datasets. Meenakshi's work has led to the discovery of new druggable targets in acute myeloid leukemia. She has co-authored several publications in highâ€"impact-factor journals.

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