Ulf Jensen
CEO and Co-Founder, Ortelius

Ulf Jensen leads the Ortelius practices in how to excel corporate development capability, working with large global brands. He has been dedicated, together with his co-founders, to developing a digital platform to orchestrate intelligent transformation in large organizations by getting strategy to be the entire organization's concern. This next-generation knowledge technology platform, inorigo®, captures and combines human- and technology-generated knowledge and makes it accessible for the many.

Let us just see the problems and opportunities together and we will start taking care of them in a smart and responsible way, one by one. That is a leading star for everything Ortelius and inorigo® does.

Ulf studied a Master of Science in Mechanics at the University of Lund, Sweden, and has been an entrepreneur within medical devices, eco packaging, management consulting, and IT for over 25 years.

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