Lee Hall
Special Projects Manager, Future in Review and Strategic News Service; and Principal, Clew Group LLC

Lee Hall provides both leadership and project support in the sales, marketing, operations, and other areas for the Future in Review Conference Corp. and Strategic News Service, to improve customer engagement and overall operations.

Lee has created seven startups as an entrepreneur and as an intrapreneur in enterprise organizations. Highlights include an exit of a vertical software company and creation of products that generate more than $500M in annual revenue and over $100M in annual cost savings. Lee led the creation of an enterprise platform that enabled a suite of $100M annual revenue products. Additionally, he negotiated and closed complex multimillion-dollar deals across the globe for new and unproven products. Lee has additional experience in the information technology, manufacturing, SAAS, aerospace, finance, media, and telecommunications industries.

Lee has been nominated for a Smithsonian Award and co-authored five patents. He and his wife, Vicki, are blessed with five grandchildren.

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