Georg Kopetz
Member of the Executive Board (CEO), TTTech Auto AG

Georg Kopetz is a successful European tech entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of TTTech Group and TTTech Auto. With its innovative, dependable networks and safety software platforms, TTTech is revolutionizing the computer systems in key transportation and the industrial verticals, on the ground (e.g., for customers like Audi, BMW, and Porsche), in the air (e.g., for Boeing 787 and Airbus A220), and in space (e.g., for the NASA Orion spacecraft and the ESA Ariane 6 launcher). Today, nearly 2.000 employees work across 13 countries in close cooperation with leading global tech companies to realize TTTech Group's vision of advancing safe technologies and improving human lives.

In 2018, Samsung Electronics, alongside the other shareholders (TTTech Group, Audi, GE Ventures, and the leading auto chipmaker, Infineon), invested $ 90 million in TTTech Auto AG to propel its safety software platform MotionWise into the leading global solution for automated and autonomous driving.

Georg Kopetz, who went to school in Europe and the US, holds a master's degree in Law from the University of Vienna. During his more than 20 years of company building, he has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial achievements in Austria and the European Union.

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