Charlie Corredor
Vice President Operations, OtoNexus Medical Technologies

Charlie Corredor, PhD, is a biotech entrepreneur and experienced scientist with eight-plus years of research experience in medical devices, nanotechnology, and analytical testing, with 15-plus peer-reviewed publications in high-impact scientific journals. He has served as a scientific review panelist for various US federal agencies and has managed multiple federally supported grants and contracts in academia and industry.

Currently, Charlie is vice president of Operations at OtoNexus Medical Technologies Inc., developing an ultrasound medical device to instantly and accurately diagnose middle-ear infections, or Otitis Media, in children and adults. Otitis Media is the #1 reason for antibiotic prescriptions in children and the #1 cause for surgery in children, yet clinical studies consistently show error rates in diagnoses averaging 50%.

Charlie holds a dual PhD in Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering from the University of Washington (UW), where he received the prestigious National Science Foundation Research Fellowship and National Academy of Sciences-Ford Fellowship. He also holds a technology and entrepreneurship business graduate certificate from UW-Foster School of Business.

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