Sanjay Bhatia
Founder, Izenda

Sanjay Bhatia is an inventor and investor and pioneer in analytics and data science. After working at places like Radiant Systems and Microsoft as a teenager, and a short stint at Trilogy, from his dorm room while working on his MBA he founded Izenda, the market leader in embedded business intelligence now used by over 3M people. After growing Izenda to a multimillion-dollar run rate, Sanjay raised a series A and formed a board and management team. He then started advising and investing in data-driven startups (CallRail, Cooleaf, Bodhi Tree, Graupel) and helped some also grow to multimillion-dollar run rates.

Sanjay is an inventor, investor, artist, and yogi. He is certified as an ayurvedic lifestyle coach through the Chopra Center. His mission here on earth is to find creative ways to allow people to see, enjoy, and explore the truth, which he mostly does through technology.

Sanjay has an MBA from Georgia State University and graduated with high honors from Georgia Tech with a BS in Computer Science.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Sanjay worked in engineering and consulting positions at Radiant Systems, Trilogy, and Microsoft. He has been featured on national television and the web, as well as in print news, numerous times. He enjoys traveling to the world's major cities, yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, cooking, HDR photography, acrylic painting, and mixed-medium digital artwork.

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