Manfred Krischke
Co-Founder and CEO, Cloudeo

Manfred Krischke, PhD, is co-founder and CEO of Cloudeo, an innovative, cloud-based collaboration platform and marketplace for geo-services. In 2011, Manfred led the consortium to buy the assets of RapidEye (five-satellites constellation) out of insolvency and was interim CEO for the restructured company. He originally founded RapidEye in 1998 and was its CEO until 2004. He was the managing director of Intermap GmbH and VP at Intermap Corp. for six years.

Manfred has been a senior advisor to Spacetec Capital Partners. Before that, he consulted for several companies and spent eight months at Guildford consulting Surrey Satellite Technologies. He started his career at Kayser-Threde GmbH, Munich (today OHB), where he was business development manager for Navigation, Communication, Small Satellites, and Manned Space Transportation.

Manfred was awarded a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. In 1991, he received the Wernher-von-Braun Award of Deutsche Aerospace (today Airbus) for the best visionary diploma thesis in Germany, which he wrote during his studies at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge.

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