Richard Romanowski
Executive Director, Planet Ark Power

Richard is a performance-driven senior executive in the clean energy and technology sector, delivering transformational business strategies to bring innovative ideas to fruition. He is the co-founder and executive director of Planet Ark Power, whose technology eleXsys is an AI- and IoT-based solution that transforms the electricity grid into a true two-way grid. At an individual building level, it independently and dynamically manages the voltage in real time to allow all rooftop solar and virtual power plant (VPP) battery energy to flow backwards into the grid unrestricted. At the inter-substation level, Planet Ark Power allows the energy from one substation to flow backwards to another substation, a critical requirement in balancing grid energy in a distributed energy world.

Richard has run a management consulting business as well as had senior executive experience leading change and commercialization for various organizations in Australia and Canada for over 40 years. Passionate about green, clean technology, he invests in clean-tech companies that deliver innovations to help transition the world into a clean-energy future. Currently, Richard is applying his experience to helping Planet Ark Power succeed in helping to create a clean-energy world.

Planet Ark Power's technology was recognized as a global energy transition pioneer at the Start Up Energy Transition Awards supported by the World Energy Council in April 2019. With eleXsys, Planet Ark Power fights the climate emergency on behalf of all humanity.

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