Karen Roche
2019 FiRe Support Staff, Future in Review

Karen Roche began her career with Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) in Bethesda, Maryland. In her last position, as procurement manager, she was responsible for overseeing production of deadline-based proposals for the procurement of government contracts.

After starting a family, Karen moved to Concord, North Carolina, where she focused on raising her family. During this time, she held numerous leadership roles for various charitable organizations in her community. She was also heavily involved in her local public school system.

Karen was instrumental in the opening of Wishing Well, a cancer-care specialty shop located in the Levine Cancer Center at the CMC Medical Center in Concord. She then became a certified mastectomy fitter and assisted women facing the challenges of breast cancer. Wishing Well also provided products that assisted all of the center's cancer patients as they underwent various treatments for their disease. After 10 years of service, Karen is now retired.

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