Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson is the CEO of INVNT/IP, a Strategic News Service (SNS) initiative. INVNT/IP is a private consortium of global companies actively fighting nation-sponsored intellectual property theft through a combination of political advocacy, private briefings, and public education. Evan is the author of the seminal cabinet-level INVNT/IP briefing book "Theft Nation," featured on 60 Minutes in 2016 in its best-watched investigative segment ever. 

Evan was formerly the director of Research at INVNT/IP and director of Marketing at SNS. He holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of British Columbia. Since 2011, he has worked closely, both in the field and at home, with Ti Kay Haiti, an organization dedicated to delivering DOTS-plus TB and HIV care to underprivileged communities in Port-au-Prince.

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