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Bill Hilf
CEO, Vulcan

Bill Hilf serves as Vulcan's chief executive officer, guiding its philanthropic, research, arts and culture, community, investments, policy, and technology innovation programs and helping fulfill Paul Allen's vision for the future. Tapping his experience as an executive and technologist, Bill leads Vulcan's work to galvanize and enable smart people to tackle ambitious challenges head-on and guide its growth as it invests in its local communities; explores new frontiers in space, science, and technology; and impacts change around important issues like public health, the environment, conservation, and philanthropy.

Most recently, Bill served as senior vice president and general manager of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise's Cloud business unit. Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard, Bill was the general manager of Product Management for Microsoft Azure and previously led Microsoft's Technical Computing Group. In that role, he helped develop solutions for a wide range of scientific and engineering challenges, including high-performance computing, parallel languages and runtimes, and mathematical modeling tools. In the roaring '90s, he built his tech chops as a software developer and engineering leader through a variety of software startups in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Bill completed his undergraduate studies at California State University-Fullerton and received his MA from Chapman University.