Pure Science

Pure Science

FiRe’s Pure Science channel focuses on research by members of the FiRe community into pure science, including physics, climatology, space and ocean exploration, evolutionary theory, ethnology, and more.



Topics in This Focus Channel

Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Alexander Lex

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science, SCI Institute, University of Utah

  • Murray Cantor

    Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Aptage; and Senior Technical Fellow, Pattern Computer Inc.

  • Ray Gibbs

    CEO, Haydale Plc

  • John Seely Brown

    Independent Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge; , and Visiting Scholar, USC

  • Leah Boyer

    Director, Stem Cell Core Laboratory, Salk Institute

  • Stuart Smith

    Managing Director, CEO and Company Secretary, Redflow

  • George Church

    Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

  • William Harris

    President & CEO, Science Foundation Arizona

  • Hans-Peter Plag

    Director and Professor, Old Dominion University, Mitigation and Adaptation Research Institute

  • Jon Myers

    Managing Director, NovaMetallix LLC

  • Elena Polyakova

    CEO, Graphene Labs; and COO, Graphene 3D Lab

  • Patrick Hogan

    Fmr. Project Director, NASA World Wind

  • Soroush Nazarpour

    President and CEO, NanoXplore

  • Brad Holtz

    Founding Member and Chief Nexus Officer, Pattern Computer Inc.

  • Andrew Connolly

    Director, DIRAC Institute, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington

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