Pure Science

Pure Science

FiRe’s Pure Science channel focuses on research by members of the FiRe community into pure science, including physics, climatology, space and ocean exploration, evolutionary theory, ethnology, and more.



Topics in This Focus Channel

Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Bei Wang Phillips

    Assistant Professor, School of Computing; and Faculty Member, SCI Institute, University of Utah

  • Gregory J. McRae

    Executive Director, Morgan Stanley; and Hoyt C. Hottel Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Brad Holtz

    Founding Member and Chief Nexus Officer, Pattern Computer Inc.

  • Bob Bishop

    Founder and President, ICES Foundation

  • John Delaney

    Professor of Oceanography, University of Washington; Director and Principal Investigator, Regional Scale Nodes, NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative

  • Patrick Hogan

    Fmr. Project Director, NASA World Wind

  • C. Mark Eakin

    Coordinator, Coral Reef Watch, NOAA

  • Joseph Smarr

    Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google

  • Vinton G. Cerf

    Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

  • Kim Stanley Robinson

    Science Fiction Author

  • John Seely Brown

    Independent Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge; , and Visiting Scholar, USC

  • Bryan William Jones

    Retinal Neuroscientist and Principal Investigator / Director, Marclab for Connectomics, University of Utah

  • Bruce Stedman

    Executive Director, Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance

  • Ben Brown

    Dept. Head, Molecular Ecosystems Biology, and Chair, Environmental Bioinformatics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Chris Johnson

    Director, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute; and Distinguished Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah

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