Perhaps the first team to unveil the Enron scandal, SNS has a long history of accurate predictions of oil pricing and energy outcomes. FiRe explores related areas, from alternative energy and energy markets to energy’s connection to climate change.



Topics in This Focus Channel

Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Tom Matzzie

    Founder and CEO, Ethical Electric Co.

  • Ramez Naam

    Author; Computer Scientist; and Energy & Environmental Systems Faculty, Singularity University

  • Tom Arnold

    CEO, Gridium

  • Tara Lemmey

    Chairman, LENS Ventures; and CEO, Net Power & Light

  • Jerry Woodall

    Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering, University of California-Davis

  • Heidi Lubin


  • Sheeraz Haji

    CEO, Cleantech Group

  • Hank Louis

    Founder and Director, DesignBuildBLUFF

  • Will Perego

    Founder and CEO, 24-hour Solar Roof

  • Jason Green

    Director, Vantage Data Centers

  • Kevin Surace

    CEO, Appvance

  • Cynthia Figge

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, CSRHub and Co-Founder, EKOS International

  • Daniel Kapp

    Director, Powertrain Research & Advanced Engneering, Ford Motor Co.

  • Andrew Bochman

    Senior Grid Strategist, DOE / Idaho National Laboratory

  • Jon Myers

    Managing Director, NovaMetallix LLC

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Unveiling SNS’s 2021 Predictions

Thursday, December 3, 2020
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