Pure Science

Pure Science

FiRe’s Pure Science channel focuses on research by members of the FiRe community into pure science, including physics, climatology, space and ocean exploration, evolutionary theory, ethnology, and more.



Topics in This Focus Channel

Leaders in This Focus Channel

  • Larry Smarr

    Founding Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2; a UC San Diego / UC Irvine partnership)

  • Jonathan Carter

    Deputy Director of Computing Sciences, Berkeley Lab

  • Andrew Connolly

    Director, DIRAC Institute, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington

  • Bruce Stedman

    Executive Director, Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance

  • Benjamin Smarr

    National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

  • John Cramer

    Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Washington; and Science Fiction Author

  • Vinton G. Cerf

    Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

  • Ben Brown

    Deputy Director of Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Shane Wall

    CTO, Hewlett-Packard

  • Brad Holtz

    Founding Member and Chief Nexus Officer, Pattern Computer Inc.

  • Philip Low

    Founder, Chairman & CEO, NeuroVigil Inc.

  • Gregory J. McRae

    Executive Director, Morgan Stanley; and Hoyt C. Hottel Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Con Slobodchikoff

    CEO, Zoolingua Inc.

  • Leah Boyer

    Director, Stem Cell Core Laboratory, Salk Institute

  • Jon Myers

    Managing Director, NovaMetallix LLC

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