DOORS OPEN IN 22 HOURS: "Using AI to Decode #Whale Communications" FiReSide virtual session with experts Roger Payne & Daniela Rus. Learn the state of the art re: #whalesong & #AI. What would you ask a whale? Details & registration at https://buff.ly/3pRgFWv. (Free to members.)

This is bad https://www.citizensforethics.org/reports-investigations/crew-investigations/gop-senate-memo-says-dejoy-personally-ordered-usps-overtime-cuts-contradicting-dejoys-prior-testimony/

Humpback whales sing, discovered Roger Payne 50 years ago, changing forever how humans think about whales. On 2/25 he'll talk live with FiReSide & Daniela Rus, director of MIT CSAIL, on Using AI to Decode Whale Communications. https://buff.ly/3u04pGq

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