FiRe 2014: Looking Further with Neal Stephenson

The renowned author of Cryptonomicon,The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and “The Baroque Cycle,” Neal Stephenson joins lauded author and physicist David Brin to discuss future trends beyond the horizon.


FiRe 2014 Centerpiece Conversation: Mark Hurd

President, Oracle


FiRe 2014 Opening Night Speaker: Chris Lewicki

“Outer Space Commerce:
  Increasing Humanity’s Prosperity
  on a Global Scale”

Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer,
Planetary Resources


Thought into Action

FiRe celebrates taking action, in fields as important and diverse as CO2-free Petro-Energy, Ocean Health, Quantified Self preventive medicine, creating new platforms in computing and communications, and much more.


FiRe 2014 Centerpiece Conversation: Vint Cerf

“Is the Net at Risk?
            Neutrality, Censorship, and Governance”

with Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google


FiRe Global Initiatives

FiRe is the birthplace of programs that long outlive each conference: FiRe Films that make a difference, the AORTA digital education manifesto, a Global Rescue System to reduce human trafficking, and the new medical field of Nutritional Microanalysis, among many others.


FiRe 2014 Centerpiece Conversation: Michael Dell

“Computing in Transition: Facing the Big Shift”
with Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Inc.


A Roundtable Experience

FiRe attendees and speakers are called Participants for a reason; many are included onstage, and many more take part in offstage FiRe group discussions leading to new ventures or FiRe Global Initiatives.


Expanding Networks, Creating Alliances

100% of survey respondents said FiRe 2013 met or exceeded their expectations, and 73% made new project and business alliances at FiRe 2013, in an oceanside venue that couldn’t be more conducive.


Real-Time Problem Solving

FiRe’s annual “CTO Design Challenge” unites engineers to tackle an intractable world problem and present actionable solutions, from fighting urban wildfires to solving global warming to defining and launching the new medical field of “Nutritional Microanalyisis.”


Entrepreneurs Making History

Who comes to FiRe? The CEO of the first private company to successfully launch a rocket into orbital space. FiRe Chair Mark Anderson (L) interviews Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and 7-time FiRe speaker.

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May 20-23, 2014


Montage Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach, California

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