FiRe 2015: The Power of Patterns

Selected Themes Inside FiRe 2015: Designing the first pattern-based compute system Engineering patterns in biology Stem cells for brain cures Neuromorphic chips Contextual robotics Autonomous drones The AI debate Graphene production and 3D graphene printing A new biology-based programming language Carbon chips Flow batteries for the grid and more.


FiRe 2015 Featured Film

Announcing the selection of Racing Extinction

The 2nd film by Oscar® winner Louie Psihoyos goes behind the scenes to document today’s breathtaking rate of species and ecosystems extinction at the hands of humans, in a dramatic warning as beautiful and suspenseful as it is a call to urgent action.

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Future in Review 2015

Join us for the 13th annual FiRe Conference, October 6-9, 2015, at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

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Expanding Networks, Creating Alliances

100% of survey respondents said FiRe met or exceeded their expectations, and 73% made new project and business alliances at FiRe, in a venue that couldn’t be more conducive.


FiRe Global Initiatives

FiRe is the birthplace of programs that long outlive each conference: FiRe Films that make a difference, the AORTA digital education manifesto, a Global Rescue System to reduce human trafficking, and the new medical field of Nutritional Microanalysis, among many others.


World-Class Centerpiece Conversations

With industry luminaries such as Paul Jacobs and Irwin Jacobs, Mark Hurd, Craig Venter, Michael Dell, Colin Angle, Ray Ozzie, and Barry Diller, in PowerPoint-free, “real” conversations. View the discussion with Vint Cerf (pictured).


A Roundtable Experience

FiRe attendees and speakers are called Participants for a reason; many are included onstage, and many more take part in offstage FiRe group discussions leading to new ventures or FiRe Global Initiatives.


Real-Time Problem Solving

FiRe’s annual “CTO Design Challenge” unites engineers to tackle an intractable world problem and present actionable solutions, from fighting urban wildfires to solving global warming to defining and launching the new medical field of “Nutritional Microanalyisis.”


Entrepreneurs Making History

Who comes to FiRe? The CEO of the first private company to successfully launch a rocket into orbital space. FiRe Chair Mark Anderson (L) interviews Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and 7-time FiRe speaker.

2015 Thought Leaders

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October 6-9, 2015


Stein Eriksen Lodge
Park City, Utah

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