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- Curtis Wong

Principal Researcher & Group Manager, Next Media Research, Microsoft


Future in Review is an action-oriented annual conference that provides executives and investors with a roadmap for the next 5-10 years of technology and the global economy. Started in 2003 by the team behind Strategic News Service, Future in Review is a gathering place for global leaders using technology to change the world for the better.


FiRe's intimate size and trust-based culture cultivate long-term relationships between speakers and attendees that drive innovation, strategy, partnerships, investments, and recruiting.


Here at FiRe, people are changing the world. At other conferences, people talk about changing the world.
Matthew Davies
Reporter, Presenter & Producer, BBC World Service
FiRe is an incredibly enriching experience. It brings together people from the edges of many disciplines and markets, generating lots of sparks of creativity and insight, both in formal sessions and in hallways.
John Hagel III 
Author & (fmr.) Director & Co-Chair, Deloitte Center for the Edge 

Connect with Global Innovators

FiRe speakers have included Elon Musk, Jensen Huang, George Church, Colin Angle, Vinod Khosla, Craig Venter, Paul Jacobs, Mark Hurd, Michael Dell, Justin Rattner, Pat Gelsinger, and Ricardo Salinas.


Build relationships with our partners at the BBC, Fortune, the Washington Post, Financial Times, WIRED, CNN,
the Economist, TIME, Vanity Fair, Wirtschaftswoche,
Le Monde, and many others.


Partners You Can Trust

Form new partnerships with the global leaders, CEOs, investors, and entrepreneurs who make up our audience of speakers and attendees.

Qualified Investors

Investors are more than just a source of funding. They become part of your company. We enable relationships with savvy investors who don't waste time, who actually write checks, and who step in when invited to help your company in a meaningful way.



For the last 20 years, FiRe has shaped the strategy of publicly traded companies, driven policy change, and regularly contributed technical solutions for the public good.

  • 2020-Present: Completed an action plan to transition the US grid to 100% renewable energy within the next 10 years.


  • 2018-Present: Designed a novel computing architecture for identifying patterns in giant datasets without algorithmic input, launching a new company onstage at FiRe, now valued at more than $1 billion.


  • 2009-Present: Spurred early innovations in US intelligence and foreign policy with regard to cybersecurity, nation-sponsored theft of IP, and the US-Ukraine alliance.


  • 2009: Developed a comprehensive plan to reverse climate change, distributed to all sitting US Congress members.


  • 2005: Launched a solution set for fighting urban wildfire, currently in use by firefighters across San Diego County, CA; Austin, TX; and Adelaide, Australia.


Ilkay Altintas Chief Data Science Officer, San Diego

Supercomputer Center


Sharon Anderson Morris CEO, | Director & Advisor, Thrive Health & Biosafety


Larry Brilliant Epidemiologist, Technologist, Philanthropist & Author | CEO, Pandefense Advisory | Chair, Ending Pandemics


David Brin Sci-Fi Author | Physicist


Dennis Bushnell Chief Scientist (fmr.), NASA Langley Research Center 


Brenda Cooper Sci-Fi Author | IT Director, Lease Crutcher Lewis


Russell Daggatt Founding General Partner, Denny Hill Capital; President (fmr.), Teledesic


Kim Dozier Visiting Fellow, Observer Research Foundation America | Global Affairs Analyst, CNN | Contributor, TIME


David Ewing Duncan Author | Journalist, New York Times, Fortune, The Atlantic, WIRED & Vanity Fair | CEO, Arc Fusion


Esther Dyson Executive Founder, Wellville


Cynthia Figge CEO & Co-Founder, CSRHub and

EKOS International


Scott Foster Research Analyst | Columnist, Asia Times


Renny Gleeson Futurist & Threatcaster | Chief Strategy Officer, SciFutures | Founder, BIG


John Hagel Global Speaker, Futurist & Author | Founder, Beyond Our Edge | Co-Director (fmr.), Deloitte Center for the Edge


Brad Holtz Co-Founder, COFES


Ed Lazowska Professor and Bill & Melinda Gates Chair Emeritus, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington


Jim Louderback Founder & Publisher, Inside the Creator Economy | CEO (fmr.), VidCon

Amory Lovins Co-Founder & Chair Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Institute

Gary Marcus Scientist & Author | Founder,

Robust.AI | Emeritus Professor, Psychology & Neural Science, NYU

Richard Marshall Chair, Cinturion Group | GC

(fmr.), NSA

John Mattison Operating Partner, CMIO, Arsenal Capital | Chief Medical Information Officer (fmr.),

Kaiser Permanente

Bill McAleer Partner, Voyager Capital

Matt McIlwain Managing Director, Madrona

Venture Group 

Nathan McDonald CEO & Managing Partner,

Keiretsu Capital

Ramez Naam Author & Speaker | Climate Tech & Clean Tech Investor

Vanessa Pegueros Audit Committee Member, BECU | Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer (fmr.), DocuSign

John Petote Founder, Santa Barbara Angel Alliance

Michael Pfeffer President, Thrive Health & Biosafety

Will Poole Investor

Kim Stanley Robinson Sci-Fi Author

Gary Roshak CEO, V-Satcast

Larry Smarr Distinguished Prof. Emeritus CSE, UC San Diego

John Wells Science Producer & Host, NPR

Affiliate KPCW

Jody Westby CEO, Global Cyber Risk LLC

Jean Wooldridge Healthcare Technology Consultant; Founder, St. Cloud Communications

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