FiRe 2018:
From SSL to Quantum:
Advancing Encryption

FiRe 2018:
World Interrupted:
The Cyber Infrastructure Threat

What does this new warfare avenue mean for global security and the economy?

FiRe 2018: Blockchain Now:
How A New Technology is Already Changing the World

While most of the news cycle has been dominated by discussion of financial regulation, investment and ICOs, a growing group of companies are using the underlying blockchain technology to disrupt international money transfer, personal identification, patent systems, artistic licenses, cloud storage and carbon credits.

FiRe 2018:
Drones and Air Taxis

Rapid air transport of people and goods is now becoming a reality. How close are we to full deployment of air taxis and drones in your neighborhood?

FiRe 2018:
Gene Editing and Medicine

FiRe 2018:
The Bleeding Edge of AI

Understanding the greatest advances in AI research from the last year from Microsoft, DeepMind, NVIDIA, AMD, Amazon and Google.

FiRe 2018: Nanosatellites

The combination of laser messaging and extremely cheap nanosatellites has created an environment that will allow near universal real-time surveillance of earth’s surface.

FiRe 2018:
The Electric Revolution:
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

While we’ve all been distracted by Tesla, shipping, buses, rail, ferries have mastered electric transportation and are poised to disrupt the traditional fuel economy.

Results @ FiRe 2018:
Pattern Computing Realized

Originally conceived at FiRe 2015, Pattern Computer Inc, came out of stealth mode on May 23, 2018.

BBC Business Daily explains:

Could Pattern Discovery Change Big Data?

FiRe 2018 Featured Film

SNS FiReFilms is pleased to screen The Human Element at FiRe 2018 with subject James Balog (Chasing Ice)


With compassion and heart, The Human Element tells an urgent story while giving inspiration for a more balanced relationship between humanity and nature.


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Future in Review 2018

Join us for the 16th annual FiRe Conference, October 9-12, 2018, at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

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FiRe 2018:
Monitoring the Earth’s Energy Systems

A FiRe Initiative
The Earth Energy Monitoring System (E2MS) uses the Power of Flow as an observational tool that provides the ability to see the Earth’s flows of energy in to, out of and throughout the planet in a digital and visually rich format. Click here to learn more.

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