2019 Featured Speaker:
Paul Jacobs,

2019 Featured Speaker:
Dmitri Alperovitch,
CrowdStrike CTO

2019 Featured Speaker:
Kim Stanley Robinson,
Science Fiction Author

2019 Featured Speaker:
George Church,
CRISPR Pioneer

Future in Review 2019: Anticipating the Unexpected

Join us for the 17th annual FiRe Conference, October 8-11, 2019, the Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA

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2019 Featured Speaker:
Rob Knight,
Microbiome Expert

FiRe 2019 Sneak Peek: The Car Is Now A Platform

J. Augusto de Oliveira, CTO of Cypress Semiconductor on how the push for autonomous electric vehicles is driving opportunity and innovation

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World-Class Centerpiece Conversations

With industry luminaries such as Paul Jacobs and Irwin Jacobs, Mark Hurd, Elon Musk, Craig Venter, Michael Dell, Colin Angle, Ray Ozzie, and Vint Cerf (pictured) in PowerPoint-free, “real” conversations.

FiReFilms CEO Sharon Anderson Morris wins Science and Society honor

The honor was given to Anderson Morris, the CEO of FiReFilms, for “leadership in establishing the FiReFilms mission of identifying, supporting, and promoting potentially world-changing great filmmakers and documentary films”

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2019 Featured Speaker:
David Brin,
Science Fiction Author

2019 Featured Speaker:
George Dyson,
Technology Historian

A Roundtable Experience

FiRe attendees and speakers are called Participants for a reason; many are included onstage, and many more take part in offstage FiRe group discussions leading to new ventures or FiRe Global Initiatives.

Real-Time Problem Solving

FiRe’s annual “CTO Design Challenge” unites engineers to tackle an intractable world problem and present actionable solutions, from fighting urban wildfires to Pattern Computing to solving global warming to defining and launching the new medical field of “Nutritional Microanalyisis.”


Why be Part of FiRe?


October 8-11, 2019


The Lodge at Torrey Pines
La Jolla, CA

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FiRe 2019: Anticipating the Unexpected

Autonomous vehicles have emerged as a strategic national tech asset, with the most economically and geopolitically important technologies directly included in their supply chain. The advent of CRISPR has opened a Pandora's box of possibilities and risks in gene editing. The confluence of AI and facial recognition has facilitated revolutions in advertising and racial profiling. The limitations of neural networks have become clearer than ever, and their next iteration is just around the corner. FiRe 2019 will feature deep dives on what's coming next in these fields and many others.



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If you follow @KimDozier, you'll find knowledge, heart, and passion in her work. @futureinreview is honored to have her back as a moderator in October. Join Kim at FiRe and see how she adds incredible depth to our panels.

Honored to announce UC San Diego as our Silver Academic Partner. The university and their multiple institutes will be featured and a field trip to Calit2 is set. Come see what the future of technology looks like!

Paul Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, XCOM; former Chair & CEO, Qualcomm, will be on stage at FiRe this year. We are excited to hear him speak about his new company XCOM and the popular and competitive topic of 5G. @Paul_E_Jacobs @XCOMtech @futureinreview

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