FiRe 2020 Speaker:
     J. Craig Venter

Join world-renowned geneticist J. Craig Venter for a conversation about preventive medicine, targeted genomics, and more.

FiReSide NYC

Spy vs. You:
   What Every CEO Needs To Know

Register now for FiReSide NYC on April 23, an intimate dinner and conversation with John C. Demers, Asst. Attorney General for National Security, on how to protect your IP
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FiRe 2020 Speaker:
   Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan

Join the head of one of the world’s top cybersecurity companies at FiRe 2020 for a conversation about risk, vulnerabilities, and how to protect your company

FiRe 2020 Speaker:
   Vulcan CEO Bill Hilf

Join Bill for a conversation on how to teach AI common sense, at FiRe 2020, Oct. 6-9 at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla.

FiRe 2020 Speakers:
   UCSD Scripps Nobelists

Climate scientists Jeff Severinghaus and Lynn Talley will share their latest oceanography and geoscience research.
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Expanding Networks, Creating Alliances

100% of survey respondents said FiRe met or exceeded their expectations, and 73% made new project and business alliances at FiRe, in a venue that couldn’t be more conducive.

World-Class Centerpiece Conversations

With industry luminaries such as Paul Jacobs and Irwin Jacobs, Mark Hurd, Elon Musk, Craig Venter, Michael Dell, Colin Angle, Ray Ozzie, and Vint Cerf (pictured) in PowerPoint-free, “real” conversations.

A Roundtable Experience

FiRe attendees and speakers are called Participants for a reason; many are included onstage, and many more take part in offstage FiRe group discussions leading to new ventures or FiRe Global Initiatives.

Real-Time Problem Solving

FiRe’s annual “CTO Design Challenge” unites engineers to tackle an intractable world problem and present actionable solutions, from fighting urban wildfires to Pattern Computing to solving global warming to defining and launching the new medical field of “Nutritional Microanalyisis.”


Why be Part of FiRe?


October 6-9, 2020


The Lodge at Torrey Pines
La Jolla, CA

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Great write up by Evan Anderson and Dr. Megan Coffee. Please read and share!
#PandemicCovid19 #nycoronavirus #publichealth #COVID19

Congrats to FiRe 2019 Company of the Year CEO, Caitlin Cameron, on being named PSBJ's Life Sciences Executive of the Year at the 2019 Health Care Leadership Awards!! Proud of this prestigious achievement for your conitnued hardwork!

@OtoNexus @PSBJ #PSBJHealthAwards

Inspired by @GretaThunberg? So are we. FiRe 2019 is proud to announce that we have replaced our gift bag items this year with an even better gift. This year we will be purchasing 10,000 trees through the Eden Reforestation Project. #climatechange #futureinreview

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