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VOCxI Health is a stand-alone breath diagnostic company that is a spinout from Boston Scientific and the University of Minnesota. With 1 minute of breathing, the device senses the presence of disease by measuring volatile organic compound (VOC) patterns. The company is first focused on kicking off a lung-cancer clinical trial in late Q3 of 2024. With 26 granted patents and very promising human data, the team sees the high potential of leveraging their mobile and noninvasive platform to other severe areas of need, such as other cancers, dementia, and emergency medicine.

Ping Yeh

Ping Yeh




The FiReStarter program is designed to highlight a select group of the world’s most innovative startups, putting you in front of top investors, media, and business executives at potential partner companies.
Unlike other conference startup programs that include vast halls filled with hundreds of companies, the FiReStarter program puts you front and center at the conference, with a private pre-event investor reception, an entire evening dedicated to the FiReStarter program, and a personal liaison to help you schedule media interviews, schedule direct meetings with other attendees, and make the most of your conference experience.


Build relationships with our partners at the BBC, Fortune, the Washington Post, Financial Times, WIRED, CNN, the Economist, TIME, Vanity Fair, Wirtschaftswoche, Le Monde, and many others.

FiReStarter Qualifications

FiReStarters are nominated and submitted to our team, then approved by vote on a case-by-case basis. We are seeking companies using new technology to change the world for the better. The sole criterion is that a company has a viable solution to a major, pressing issue affecting human beings, the health of the ecosystem, or the economy. For this reason, many FiReStarters are in the fields of healthcare, AI, renewable energy, new transportation, chips, and cybersecurity. 
Past seed stage
•    Out of stealth
•    Seeking investment
•    Looking to maximize PR value
•    Developing revolutionary technology
•    Already attending events and spending on travel and promotion
•    Pre-IPO
This program is particularly advantageous when a company is looking to make special announcements or ramp up growth. Ideal candidates take advantage of the program benefits to make a splash and save significant money and time on materials development.

We look forward to hearing from all potential candidates and are happy to schedule time to discuss with companies interested in the program. 


2023 firestarter
  • Public announcement of your selection as 1 of only 12 FiReStarter 2024 companies on our website, external social-media accounts, iNews service, and in the SNS Global Report.
  • One onstage presentation describing your vision of the future and your company’s role in it.
  • Showcase your company at the pre-event FiReStarter Champagne Reception, a private meet-and-greet with only FiReStarters, investors, and the core FiRe Team.
  • A dedicated FiRe liaison from our staff of FiReFellows who will help you network, meet others of greatest interest to your company, and schedule interviews with key media.
  • A dedicated table in the Exhibition area just outside the main conference session for the duration of the event.
  • Showcase your company at the FiReStarter Reception, a two-hour cocktail and light-dinner event held in the Exhibition Hall, open to all FiRe speakers and attendees.
  • Your branding and logo placement in your personalized pitch video delivered post-conference.
  • Your preferred branding and logo placement on the conference website, on the FiRe app, and in all printed materials.
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