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Berit Anderson


COO, Future in Review 
COO & Senior Analyst, Strategic News Service

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About Me

Berit Anderson is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Analyst at Strategic News Service, publisher of The Global Report, the business world’s most accurate source of information about the future of technology and the global economy. 
Jointly, she is the COO of Future in Review (FiRe), which The Economist calls “The best technology conference in the world.” In that role, she serves as host of the Future in Review conference and the weekly Future in Review podcast. Berit also co-founded and serves as Managing Director of the FiRe Action Tank, which coalesces experts around the creation of Action Plans to solve global challenges. Most recently, she co-led and co-authored “100% Renewable: An Action Plan for American Energy Independence.” 

She is an Advisor to the National Science Foundation-funded Resilient Commission, focused on building community resilience in the face of pandemics and other global disasters, and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography’s Mythos project, focused on giving voice to coral reefs and uplifting indigenous knowledge about coral regeneration from communities around the world. She is the Co-Chair of YES! Media’s Board of Directors and a Board Member of the PNW investigative news outlet InvestigateWest. 

Previously, she co-founded and served as CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, a media company that used investigative reporting, science fiction, and scenario planning games to help illustrate the ethical impacts of emerging technologies. Her investigative report, “The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine,” was the first to explain the full scope of how Russia, Cambridge Analytica, and the Trump campaign used Google, Twitter, and Facebook to game the outcome of the 2016 US election and their strategy for influencing other elections around the world.  

An international keynote speaker and advisor on innovation, technology, media, and global policy, Berit has spoken at the Brussels Forum, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Conference on World Affairs, TEDxVilnius, DevoxxBelgium, and has delivered lectures at NYU, the University of Washington, and UC Boulder. She and her work have been featured in the New Yorker, Gizmodo, the BBC, and TechCrunch and were cited by internet creator Tim Berners-Lee as one of the top three challenges facing the internet.

Berit is an alumni of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers network, which supports and uplifts young leaders around the world. 

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